Thermal Imaging Surveys

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Thermal Imaging Surveys by Squeeky Clean

At Squeeky Clean Scarborough, we specialise in conducting thermal imaging surveys using state-of-the-art technology to assess the condition of your roof with precision and accuracy. Our thermal imaging surveys offer a unique perspective by detecting temperature variations across your roof’s surface, revealing hidden issues that may not be visible to the naked eye.

Using advanced thermal cameras, our experienced technicians can identify areas of heat loss, moisture infiltration, or insulation deficiencies. These surveys are particularly effective in pinpointing leaks, identifying insulation gaps, and assessing overall energy efficiency.

The benefits of thermal imaging surveys extend beyond mere detection. By identifying these underlying issues early on, property owners can proactively address maintenance needs, potentially saving on energy costs and preventing more significant problems down the line.

Like our drone inspections, thermal imaging surveys are efficient and cost-effective. By quickly pinpointing problem areas without the need for invasive measures, we can provide accurate assessments at competitive rates.

After conducting a thermal imaging survey, we provide you with a comprehensive report detailing our findings and recommendations. This report empowers you to make informed decisions about necessary repairs or improvements, ensuring the long-term durability and energy efficiency of your property.

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